Breastfeeding My Beautiful Boy❤️The Most Precious Bond❤️

Breastfeeding, ahhh it’s so beautiful. Such a blessing, a true gift from God. With my first I was just barely 18 years old. I wanted to nurse and I did for the 1st 24 hours. I left the hospital with no help, no information, no lactation specialist visits before I was discharged. I was just doing my best with no info. The night we went home I remember my daughter crying and crying and my boyfriend and I panicked we didn’t understand what was wrong. We were told she’d eat about every two hours or so. So I called my mom, I was in tears. Couldn’t figure out why she was so upset. Well my nipples felt like they were on fire and I had just fed her an hour before. My mom said to bring baby over. When we got there my mom knew right away. She’s hungry! 😂 I was in so much pain, no one showed me how to get a proper latch or anything. So my mom went out right away and got baby formula. From that day on she never went hungry again.

This is her at 7 months. Such a porker. ❤️ but that night at my moms house only 24 of nursing, our breastfeeding journey ended. I wasn’t upset though. More so relieved that she was ok and just needed to eat. Then I had my 1st son. Beautiful boy. I nursed him for about two weeks with very limited lactation advice. Unaware that  the reason I was in so much pain was what I know now due to incorrect latch. Unaware that things like diet and stress could effect milk supply, still young and uneducated about breastfeeding. My milk started to decrease. So I started supplementing with formula until I had no more milk. Breastfeeding is such a natural thing but man if you don’t know how to get a proper latch or that there even is a proper latch your screwed! Again another breastfeeding journey ended. I wasn’t  upset this time either because I knew he’d be ok with formula, sister had it and she was fine. Plus I was stoked I made it that far. Then seven years later I had my 2nd son. Super excited to nurse him did plenty of research. For the 1st time had a lactation consultant visit me before discharge. I felt comfortable this time. So I nursed him. I loved it until I got home and couldn’t get him to latch the right way, so again in a ton of pain. But I stuck it out for three very painful days. Then after being home I developed a fever from an infection from being checked too much during my induction. They told me I could continue to nurse but that the medication I needed would permanently stain my sons baby teeth brown. Well having a 7 year old that still had baby teeth, there was no way I could do that to him. So once again our breastfeeding journey had ended. This time I was devastated, totally crushed. I had it. I finally had it. Then Four years later came my 4th beautiful, happy baby boy. I read every single thing I could find about nursing. Anything and everything. I had this, I knew I could do it and this time I was gonna! So in the hospital right after birth he nursed right away like a pro! It was perfect. He nursed like every 20 min to an hour. Sometimes for 45 minutes each breast. It was great. Then sore, really, really, really sore. But absolutely beautiful. Then I notice I had a hicky on my nipple. Yes a hicky. So I asked to see the lactation consultant and she saved me. Taught me everything. Everything you can’t get from reading. She showed me how to sit, how to place and hold baby, then checked his latch, fixed that, gave me a nipple shield and some lanolin ointment and baby and I did skin to skin nursing. He ate for a good ten minutes and he was out. He was actually full from my milk and nursing him didn’t hurt. I was so happy, so proud, so grateful, so amazed, and so in love I just cried and cried. Tears of happiness. Happiness because we did it! Me and my babe were set and nothing was gonna stand in our way. Ever since he has been exclusively breastfed, no bottles no binkies just boob, just like I wanted and just like he wanted. It only took about two months to wean off the nipple shield completely. That day while the lactation consultant hugged me while I cried , I also cried tears of sadness, because that’s all I needed. That’s all it took. Was help. Support. Education. If I would have had someone take the time with me with my others the way they did with this babe I would have been able to nurse them all. I love nursing. I dread the day my little one will no longer want to nurse. It’s the little things that go with it. The not so little things like how he nestles up to me, wraps his tiny hand in my shirt, plays with his foot and puts it to my lips for kisses, the way he sings to me while he nurses, the way he nursed in our sleep, doesn’t even wake up or wake me up really, the way my body knows exactly what to give him, what antibodies he needs. The way only mama can comfort him, the way he looks at my with his sparkly eyes and drifts off to sleep. I love all of my children 100% equally but I do admit I have a very close mama and baby bond with this babe. Not that I didn’t with the others. But there’s something that happens when your the only one that can nourish, nurture, and comfort your babe in that special way. I❤️ Breastfeeding and so does my baby! #soblessed #sograteful #normalizebreastfeeding because it is normal!❤️


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  1. Lindsay Milder says:

    That’s so beautiful and inspiring, thank you so much for sharing.

  2. Suellen D says:

    I love this, so beautiful. That’s really anyone needs too. Is help, patients, and determination. You go mama! Very inspiring.

  3. Cynthia Addington says:

    Absolutely beautiful.

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