It’s Time For Teething!

Yep we’ve hit that stage and almost like clockwork, baby just had his half birthday. So he’s a little fussy, Rosey cheeks, runny nosey,  drooling like a faucet, and chewing on everything. I can obviously tell he’s uncomfortable and it doesn’t help that it’s been in the 100’s the last couple of days.  So here is a couple of things I’m going to do to help baby through this in the most safest, natural way I can. Other than extra cuddles, boob, and kisses. Make sure you check with babies doctor before trying any of these.

The Breastmilk & Banana Ice Cream

what you’ll need.

1-2 ounces of breast milk

clean freezer bag

1 organic banana

Cut up banana, put in freezer bag and freeze for 2 hours.

Put in Baby Bullet, add breastmilk, blend, and then chill in freezer for 30 more minutes. Feed to baby slowly and let baby enjoy. It’s nutritious, yummy and soothing.

Next is the Chamomile soaked washcloth. I love Chamomile and all its lovely healing properties. When I drink it I notice how calm and relaxed baby is after nursing. Some people soak the washcloth in actual chamomile tea but I think my babe is still too young for that. I guess if you are not breastfeeding maybe dilute it with purified water so it’s very suttle. Babies can be allergic to Chamomile so ask Doctor 1st. So all I do is drink 2-3 cups of warm chamomile tea with honey. Wait 1-2 hours then pump about 2 ounces enough to soak a baby washcloth. Then soak a clean baby washcloth in the breastmilk and then put it in a clean freezer bag and then freeze for about an hour. Then give to baby and let the soothing and calming begin. The chamomile is passed through the breastmilk just enough to calm babies nerves. Breastmilk is obviously babies fav so it’s a cool treat and the fabric of the cloth will massage babies gums as he chews on it.

Last but not least. Work those little piggies!

 Works 100%


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