I love hosting! I love having my home filled with family and friends. I love cooking and baking, and most of all decorating. I love making traditions a discovering new recipes that are delicious. Today we are having a BBQ, A Mother Loving BBQ on the eve of Mother’s day to celebrate the rocking mammas in our family. Almost all of my decor ideas and recipes are from Pinterest. So i’ll be posting tomorrow all the recipies I used and pics of everything. Pinterest is so awesome, I love that I can go on there and get Ideas for anything I want to do. But what about all the Pinterest fails? It’s always kind of a gamble using new recipies from other people. They don’t always turn out the way we imagined or even how it looks in the pictures. So I’m going to post all my favorite ones, that are really good ideas and recipies that are easy and actually work or look like we want them to when finished.


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