Our Hygge Summer!

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately. You know that post I did about all the super duper awesome things my family and I were going to do this Summer? Well we didn’t  do any of it. We literally did nothing. You know what I’m glad too. We took this time and we were lazy, we stayed home, together. We had bonfires, watched movies, played board games, legos, started a YouTube channel, laid around all day in our jamies, slept in till 10:00am. We binge  watched Netflix and read books. Only a small handful of times did my oldest two kids go over to friends’ houses. We really took this time to recuperate and rest up. Snuggle and take advantage of this time we have together before school, sports, and Holidays start. It was nice very refreshing and I’m not sorry. I saw alot of friends and family posting pics of their summer fun and I’m glad they had a blast but I am not at all envious.  My oldest baby will be off to college in four years and I’m gonna want time with her like this when we had no worries, appointments, practices, or anything that we had to do or places we had to be and I’m thankful that this summer all five of my babies and I snuggled and spent some real time together living in the present. 


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