So today I wanna talk about oils. My favorite one in particular and what I use it for.
First I do not ingest it in anyway, I know you can, I just haven’t. I read up on all the safe and proper ways to use. Never use on baby or children without talking to your doctor first.

Lavender is my most favorite I love it so much. I use it for many different things.
The most common thing I use it for is it’s calming effect. I put it in my diffuser, my oil burner and my wax warmer, I even have some in my car. I literally can’t get enough of it. With four kids and a puppy at home we all benefit from it’s calming and soothing effects. I use it when my babies are fussy or having a tough time falling asleep. I like to keep fresh lavender in the shower and hanging in our rooms. I like to use a very small amount in a coconut oil based chest rub with eucalyptus and rosemary when we are not feeling well with a chest cold or stuffy noses. You can even use it as a bug repellent, mosquitos won’t come near you if you have it on, they can’t stand the smell. It’s so much better than using all those chemical on you and your babies too. Plus the amazing aroma.


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