Having More Babies?

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Having more babies?
I’m literally asked that at least once a day, everyday. Are you going to have more babies? If you know me then you know that I would have at least ten if I could. Yes, you read that right. Ten kids. I know what your thinking. She’s insane. Haha nope, I just love being a mama. I love it all pregnancy, labor, postpartum, newborn cuddles, bonding, nursing, baby wearing, and all the fabulous stages after that. There’s obviously a lot that has to be considered when adding to your family. I guess people figure well heck you already have four so why not. Well you still have to consider finances, yes we thankfully have a big enough house, and vehicle, but what about the stuff like what if it were a girl? All the stuff I have is for boys, she’d need all new stuff. Also what about my age, I’m not very sure about High Risk, but I’m 33 so I know I’m getting older especially since having my 1st 14 years ago. But really do you want to know my main concern about having a fifth, why I really don’t want to? It’s time. My kids are my biggest supporters of having a fifth, they all love having brothers and a sister. They want more. But what makes it hard is sharing my time and attention. When all four want my attention at the same time, I try to give it to all of them but can’t help but worry if one might not be getting enough. I don’t know, is this what mommy’s of big families go through, is it normal? The kids don’t seem to mind and when I ask them they say they are all fine and getting the attention they want and need. I decided a while back to do a mommy and me date night once a month with each kids and my husband started doing it too. Just on kid and I on a date night doing something fun that they choose, that doesn’t cost too much. Where we can have, do something fun or just talk. It has been going great. So for now no more babies. I just want to focus on the sweet babes I already have. I just love them to pieces.


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